Vison-Visu sagaraden nomura x Pierre Charrié


Pierre Charrié とのコラボレーションから生まれた「Vison-Visu」は、パリのデザイナーの斬新で感性豊かな発想力からデザインされたスタンドミラーです。鏡特有の反射を利用したシンメトリーなデザインは、貝の妖艶な魅力と工芸の技の素晴らしさだけでなく、その製品が置かれる空間まで、より美しく映し出します。

Created in collaboration with Pierre Charrié, Vison-Visu is a stand mirror emerging from the Paris designer’s innovative and richly imaginative mind. The symmetrical design utilizes the reflectivity of the mirrored material not only to reflect the enchanting beauty of seashells and the splendid craftsmanship of the product, but also the space that the product inhabits.


SMALL W135×H200mm

BIG W211×H280mm

野村 守 Mamoru Nomura

野村 守 Mamoru Nomura


Since 1910, Sagaraden Nomura is proud to be the one and only workshop in Kyoto that produces and sells “raden” (traditional technique of seashell inlay) and Kyoto-style lacquerwork. They continue to produce these items daily based on their philosophy of “commitment to the pursuit of luminosity and thinness of seashell.” Ultra-thin layers of 0.1 mm or less are superimposed over and over again in an elaborate process resulting in maximum durability and beauty that will endure over the ages.

Pierre Charrié

Pierre Charrié

ENSCI-Les Ateliers and School of Fine Arts卒業後、プロダクトデザインへの経験を積む為、様々なブランドと活動を共にした。Questionning technologiesやemerging usesなど先進的な技術に関して調査研究も日々行っている。彼は物体に対して、どのように音や動き、そして触感が作用して人々を惹きつけるのかに特に注目している。このような先駆的なプロジェクトが評価され、世界中で展示会を催しており、常に革新的な商品を創り出しつつも、親しみや懐かしさのあるデザインを生み出している。

Graduate of ENSCI-Les Ateliers and School of Fine Arts, Pierre Charrié has built a solid product design experience working with creative agencies for various brands. He is now working as an independent designer. Questionning technologies and emerging uses, he leads a research work on the sensory dimension of everyday objects. He is interested in how sound, movement or touch involve the user in a tangible interaction with the object. These forward-looking projects are awarded and exhibited worlwide, fueling his collaborations with clients he accompanies in the design, development and industrialization of innovative products. Pierre Charrié was awarded as Young Designer of the Year 2017 by Elle Decoration France, Rising Talent 2016 by Maison & Objet and Grand Prize of the Creation of the City of Paris 2015.