About us

SAGARADEN NOMURA Speciality store of Raden in Arashiyama, Kyoto

SAGARADEN NOMURA has been opened since 1910. We are the one a nd only RADEN store in Kyoto which produces and sells Raden items. We follow the all production processes by hand. Only strictly-selected quality seashells are used for the item and we all take full concentration and care on every piece. We hope you come in to contact and enrich your understanding of japan culture.


Japanese Traditional Craft "Raden"

Japanese decorative craft used in the creation of lacquerware woodwork. Matetial taken from inside of seashells which has beautiful rainbow luster is cut into tiny pieces and is embodied into the surface of the ware. It is said that this technique was brought from China to Japan in the 8th century and has been developed in Japan up until today along with another decorative technique called Makie. The luster is extraordinary delicate and the color changes from blue to red depending on the angle of light - such a sophisticated Japanese beauty which captures people's heart.